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Captain Rick Jolly OBE

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Jake    2

I'm probably missing it somewhere but I can't make head or tail of these forums. I came on looking for detail and maybe some nice words about our recently deceased former President Surgeon Captain Rick Jolly.

Anyway, for my two penneth having been a medic myself down there, he was awesome.  Totally eccentric but they put people together in the most appalling conditions and whilst clearly there were surgeons who spent more time operating, it wouldn't have worked as well without someone like Rick in the background sorting stuff with his standard contempt for inefficiency.

He was an inspirational bloke as much after it was all over and with Denzil of course, started SAMA82.


So there must be mention somewhere, I just haven't found it.


RIP Rick and commiserations to the family.

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Knotty Ash    17

Here you go Jake

Best wishes


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