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  1. Merry Chrimbo and a Happy New Year 2018

    Hei Joe, Have a great cruise, and Christmas. The same to all out there. We have snow here in Central Norway, (of course), and as you can see, my 40 kgs Samoyed loves it! So here is wishing you all the very best for 2018. God Jul og Godt Nytt År. Cheers, Don.
  2. David Parr

    Welcome David
  3. Paul Morrison

    Welcome Paul. Log on often as you are amongst friends!
  4. Steve Butterworth

    Welcome Steve. Log on often!
  5. Keith Mackessack

    Welcome Keithj
  6. Bootneck1960

    Welcome Bootneck 1960
  7. JohnU

    Welcome JohnU. You will enjoy this site.
  8. Don Park, Robbie,Dave Downey.

    Thanks Stan. I actually reached the Norwegian retirement age, (67), but I don't feel any different
  9. VOS win Queen's Award for Voluntary Services

    Nice one! Congratulations!
  10. Yeovilton815

    Welcome on board!
  11. RBL "Insult to Injury" Campaign

    This is scandalous! The war disability pension is meagre enough without some REMF dipping into it as well. I don't have an MP or Representative since I live in Norway, but I agree that something needs to be done to stop these penny-pinching maggots from making life harder for disabled vets than it already is!
  12. change password

    1. Joe Erskine

      Joe Erskine

      Top right in Black Bar - Click on the down arrow next to your Name click on My Settings then Email and Password and change it.


  13. Forming a Band

    So do the Rolling Stones! Seriously what a great and worthy idea. Well done lads.
  14. forming a band

    An interesting idea if you can pull it off, ie; logistically. I'd buy your first record..... I wonder if some of us might make the Rolling Stones look like fresh-faced teenagers?
  15. Some Argies seem to live in the real world

    It still amazes me that a country seemingly undergoes transition from dictatorship to democracy, but they don't actually know what "Democracy" is. If they did, they would listen to the opinion of 3000 people, and act accordingly.