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  1. Giving up Smoking

    cheers Don I appreciate the response and your note about the gum is very worrying so I will pass it on immediately. I'm inclined to agree with your last paragraph though. ATB Knotty
  2. Giving up Smoking

    Please bare with me on this question but if anyone can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I went on holiday with a 15 strong group (8 x adults plus 7 x children) who are parents and children from my daughters school. We went last year and had a fab time so saw no issue with repeating a trip together again this year. The 'but' is that one member of the group gave up smoking 8 months ago of his own free will but is struggling with it to the extent that he was irritable on holiday and left the rest of the group feeling as if we were treading on eggshells for a day or so. The chap in question is x-RAF and although he is a little young to have served in the South Atlantic he did serve in Afghanistan and Iraq and by all accounts saw some 'not so nice stuff'! His wife is a GP and has no problem with him continuing to smoke, she preferred it when he did. The NHS will not provide any support because so far as they are concerned he has given up and therefore does not need any further help. I gave up myself very easily over 3 years ago so find it hard to understand why he needs a special chewing gum substitute but I do sympathise with him. To be honest the best advice I could give was to suggest he take up smoking again but he is loathe to do this for the sake of his kids etc. I said that there must be a forces charity that could help although I'm not suggesting that SAMA is the place for him to go. Does anyone have any bright ideas, perhaps I should just suggest he tries Help for Heroes, at the very least they might point him in the right direction. Thanks Guys & Gals Knotty
  3. Captain Rick Jolly OBE

    Here you go Jake Best wishes
  4. Falklands Conflict Commemorative Journals

    Same as BigBod - didn't do it for me either
  5. Falklands Conflict Commemorative Journals

    Hi BigBod, neither had I so I googled it along with Horizon Publications and you can download it in PDF format (about 160 pages) for free, then decide if you want to buy the hard copy All the best Sparks from Bunts
  6. 35th Whisky

    Mine too & just I just emailed Jane in the office to send a big BZ to all those concerned. Like Irishman I haven't tasted it yet (a little early in the day even for this old salt) but the bottle and label look fabulous and very unique. Impressed.
  7. VOS win Queen's Award for Voluntary Services

    BZ to all those concerned
  8. Wikipedia

    Great collection Ken & Thanks for posting
  9. Newsletter September 2016

  10. EU Referendum

    Sorry to rattle your cage Joe & that's a very fair and valid point - how did you guess I want out...??? I don't use faceache so where else can I post?? No hard feelings oppo
  11. EU Referendum

    A friend of mine sent the following to me yesterday afternoon. It makes interesting reading..! After that fabricated piece of propaganda came through my letterbox the other day with scaremongering tactics about how a UK Brexit would screw our exports with Europe, I thought I’d do some research Guess what, per the attached Government spreadsheet our exports to non EU Countries are growing at an average annual rate of 7.2%, whilst our EU Exports are falling annually by 0.7% Additionally our non EU Exports are roughly the same as our EU exports, so 50:50 The big numbers are EU Imports which dwarf our exports, £233 billion Imports from EU compared to £133 billion exported to them It really does make you think, particularly when we are additionally the biggest net contributor after Germany, contributing £10 BILLION INTO THE POT Note - I tried to upload the work sheet to this post but I'm afraid that I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file but I believe the content of the above text tells you all you need to know.
  12. Not a moment too soon - great news
  13. JJ Black

    RIP Skipper - Fair Winds
  14. Cook David Osborne RIP, HMS Sheffield. Please Support.

    That's brilliant news Bob, I'm absolutely stoked about this result. Keep us posted please? Knotty
  15. Cook David Osborne RIP, HMS Sheffield. Please Support.

    Signed it Bob, will share the link amongst my friends too, hope you reach the total oppo & more importantly the town council does a ''Labour job'' and changes their mind..! Knotty