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  1. Terry

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  2. Saturday 11th November 2017   The 11th November is the 5th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Rex Hunt, Governor of the Falklands Islands in 1982 during the Invasion.   Every Year we meet up in Hutton Rudby Near Yarm, North Yorkshire to Pay our Respects and Lay tributes to Sir Rex at His Graveside.   We usually Meet up first in The Bay Horse Pub which was his Local around 1200 hrs, the Pub does excellent lunchtime meals. then we head down to the Parish Church, 5 minute walk, so we can Lay Tributes, pay respects and salute Sir Rex at 1400 hrs.   All welcome to attend, it isn't an official Service just us paying our own respects to a very good friend, and also to someone who supported SAMA 82, and helped us Financially to set the Association up 20 Years ago.   Anymore wanting any more details please contact me by E Mail, Davesamanorth@aol.com or by Mobile 07772 545612
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  4. Hi, could you let me have a copy of the SAMA '82 wreath centre?

    Please send to kokane@suremail.gg

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  9. Brize Norton - Parking

    From 1st October private vehicles will not be allowed into Brize Norton, therefore there will be NO PARKING FACILITIES available. When departing from Brize Norton you must check in at the Security Gate at least 31/2 hours prior to departure. You will then stay in the Visitors area (vending machines and toilets available) until 3 hours before your flight when you will be taken by bus to the terminal for check in and pass straight to departure lounge. Other than public transport, the only available option we are aware of is Charlies Travel, park and ride facility in Carterton. However this closes at 8.00 pm so you would have to be there no later than 7.30 pm/
  10. Please find attached copy of:- Newsletter No.18 - September 2017 edition. SAMA Newsletter 2017-OFC.pdf - Main Articles Only
  11. Retirement - Jane Adams

    Just to let everyone know I am retiring as secretary of the Association/Office Manager on 31st October. My replacement will be introduced shortly. If anyone is in the area on 30th October and would like to call in to say good bye there will be refreshments available.
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