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  1. This has saved me hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Thank Boris.
  2. Falklands Conflict Commemorative Journals

    I had a look at the PDF, didn't really do it for me so not bought one...
  3. Falklands Conflict Commemorative Journals

    What is this Journal? Not heard of it so would be interested in a bit more info please...
  4. Bike Tours for the Wounded

    I contacted Mark for more info, a bike tour in the US is on my bucket list... Nice fella for a Pongo...had to remind him who the senior service is...lol...banter right from the off..... Anyhow, turns our the tours are for veterans to ride pillion so you don't have to be a bike rider to go. Not for me unfortunately, I'm a rider..... So if anyone fancies it it's worth giving Mark a shout...just thought I'd pass it on...
  5. HMS Gloucester - De-commissioning.

    Well there are 3 of us now from my old mess that are definates and another probable...I don't drink these days but I think I may well be making an exception that day. It could all get rather messy!!! Can't wait.
  6. HMS Gloucester - De-commissioning.

    Thanks Joe, will wear em with pride and I was always going to wear my SAMA tie.
  7. I've managed to blag a couple of tickets for this. As I was on the 1st commish was something I wanted to do. Question I have, is it appropriate to wear medals? Is all the invitation says for dress code is lounge suit. Thanks guys...
  8. Ebay Item

    Reel that one in then....
  9. Leeds United Shirt Auction for Falkland Vets

    Dirty Leeds!!! Couldn't bring meself to bid on that under any circumstances...hope it raises lots of dosh though...
  10. 30th Anniversary commemorations

    MCO ones were always the gen buzzes..
  11. Harry Ruffers!!

    Just pinched this from elsewhere... http://www.solentwaters.co.uk/Videos/roughseas.html
  12. Falklands veteran Killed by bees

    Condolances to family... I take it it is a 'Gen Buzz'.... Sorry, Jack humour...
  13. 28 years ago

    I was still in training at Mercury, hadn't even passed out then...
  14. Anyone in the Oxford area..

    Heard on the news last night that they have been identified and arrested..... I hope they get whats coming to em...
  15. They are brilliant at choosing just the right time to close a station...Match day at Chelsea and the underground stopped running 10 minutes before full time....buses are good fun!!! I keep getting the wrong one.