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  1. Hull Veterans Weekend

    Keith Thompson and I along with our other halves will be manning a SAMA stall in the main marquee. We look forward to seeing as many Falklands Veterans as possible who are attending the event at East Park this weekend. Dave Bragg
  2. Scarborough Armed Forces Day

    Just attended the 2016 event with Pete McWatt and our other halves,took over £500in sales,donations and signing up new members.
  3. Jim Hunter

    Hi jim,good to see another 'Blue Job'amongst us .
  4. david bragg

    I am now officially an OAP.
  5. Merchant Navy Church Service - Hull

    I presume it will be at Holy Trinity Church .Do we have a contact name and telephone number, As I am no longer on fb ,I am not in contact with some of the local organisers.
  6. Event

    A wonderful service today at Holy Trinity Church Hull,good turnout of veterans and Rev David Cooper -the only thing missing was the SAMA Standard. Parachute Regiment Standard led the local standard bearers who attended. A big thanks to Keith Thompson and Pete MC Watt for all their hard work to make today the event it was.
  7. Violet Clarke

    Good to see you on board.V
  8. Jane adam's

    Birthday greetings from us in ull.Dont do a Steve and get too drunk!!!!
  9. Veterans Service Hull - Sunday 6th October

    Keith,myself,Rob Oliver and Danny Kaye will be attending. Danny the SAMA82 Standard Bearer will be parading our standard.
  10. Pete mcwatt

    Birthday greetings from us in ull
  11. Still on Patrol embroidery and enamel badges

    Just received my order-thanks Brian-I am at RAF Leeming thgis week for 2 days,so might get you some orders for RAF version
  12. Hull Memorial Service

    A number of us from Hull Veterans Support Centre will be attending-booted and spurred as per the norm-SAMA Ties order of the day!!!
  13. Hull Memorial Service

    I get back from our extended trip to the SAMA Camp at Finchdean on the Saturday-I will try to get there.Do we want the SAMA Standard Parading???if so could it be brought to Finchdean.
  14. Categories?

    Mark,where do I go to update my personal info-me not computer wizz kid!!!
  15. Chat facility

    Rob,you need to amend your title,wee are HULL Veterans Support Centre now,not Humber