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  1. Get together - 'Up North' 5th August 2017 - Carlisle

    Planning to attend this have booked some accommodation in Carlisle. Cost of the party will be £10. Please try to support it, Rachel has done a lot of work
  2. Chorleys Annual Falklands Parade 2015

    Sorry couldny attend, But, we were at the Annual memorial Service in Wigan, will try to get over next year if I can get the time off from work
  3. Polishing Medal

    Its not plated, I believe it is a similar alloy to coin
  4. RBL "Insult to Injury" Campaign

    I raised it with my MP she has passed it on to the Minister of State for Care, but, also Lancashire Council, Executive Director of Adult Services. Awaiting responses
  5. Sunday 15th June in Wigan Parish Church at 12.30. Staff Sgt Jim Prescott who was killed on HMS Antelope and AB Stephen Heyes killed on HMS Ardent are commemorated on the War Memorial, just up the hill from the station on the left.
  6. Dave Butcher, Paul Nolan

    Happy Birthday hope you both have a great day The Big 50 Paul? Sprog
  7. This Wind Reception, is it a Yorkshire thing? Sorry Couldnt resist
  8. Chorley Parade 2013

    Hi Steve, Depends if Kathy is still in Hospital, I think it is unlikely I will be able to go.
  9. Just tried to "Like" the post about John Phillips and I got a popup saying, "An error has occurred - You have reached you quota of positive votes for the day" I have not liked anything yet today, in fact I have only just switched PC on
  10. Chat facility

    I visited this afternoon for a chat with Joe. Dickie popped in this evening, but as fast as I could type "hello" he left
  11. Trip South

    Joe fell over in Whalebone Cove, some might say he was lucky that all the other whales beached there had died, and were only bones on the beach, but, I wouldn't say that would I :-) Great to hear you had a good time Taff, looks like you left Jan some strawberries too. Kathy had a marvellous time and would really love to go back if the concessionary fares scheme is extended, she found it very therapeutic talking to the Islanders about what happened to them during the occupation. It gave her a new perspective on what we have been saying about our experiences.
  12. Concessionary Flights

    No Paninis? How do they keep you awake? What do we eat?
  13. Concessionary Flights

    Hi Stuart, my wife and I are also due to fly on 25th and are sweating too! Last time I went down under the indulgence scheme in 2010 we were informed about a week before
  14. Facebook

    Strange. Did you know the person who posted it?
  15. Newsletter pictures

    Sent you a few John