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  1. Mike Bowles

    Happy birthday old chap !!!!!
  2. mark peacock

    About time matey. See you in Blackpool...... Paul.
  3. Posh Bird

    A warm welcome to my 'posh bird' wife after her amazingly lucky lottery scratch card win !! Paul.
  4. Armed Forces Week 2009

    Danny, As discussed yesterday, book us in for the Friday and Saturday! Paul.
  5. Manchester Military Tattoo

    My humble apologies for that ... always got told at school that I should pay more attention !! My documents are the same as the links ..... Paul
  6. Manchester Military Tattoo

    Ron, I've got five pages of info which I received in response to my contact with the organisers. I'll e-mail it to you, then if any of the lads want a copy they can contact either you or myself.... Paul