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    Just to let everyone know I am retiring as secretary of the Association/Office Manager on 31st October. My replacement will be introduced shortly. If anyone is in the area on 30th October and would like to call in to say good bye there will be refreshments available.
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    Dear All, I would like to take this moment to thank all who came this year to the Falklands Liberation Day Wreath Laying Ceremony here in Chorley Lancashire. Despite the weather looking as though it was going to blow the proceedings away, in the end the sun shone on the righteous. Ours is a small ceremony with a loyal following, for which I am extremely grateful too, for their help and support in keeping this ceremony going. I can only hope that more Veterans, Comrades and Friends choose to support this opportunity to commemorate those who fell and not just during the war, but those who continue to suffer still. This Ceremony will continue to be held on the 14th June each year at 11.00. I look forward to seeing you in the future. Iddy
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    Have just returned from my first ever get together at Bristol and l must say it was out standing, the hotel staff were so help full, the team that put it together were outstanding, but the girls from the I.O.W were just dedicated to making the weekend the best ,it was so good to meet so many new freinds and hoping l will beable to make next year
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    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year for 2018. I am off on a Cruise around the Solent with Christmas Lunch today from Scumhampton with my wife as guests of The Not Forgotten Association and tomorrow we are off for Christmas on a 7 day River cruise around the canals of Holland and Belgium.
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    Dear All On Sunday I Completed the Prudential London Surrey 100 for the 5th time. Its a closed road cycle event of 100 Miles. I completed it a bit slower this year as I'm obviously getting Older ! 6hrs 15 mins(moving Time). This year I was raising funds initially for Blind Veterans ,however after reaching their initial target of £500 ( £720 in total to be precise),I decided that following my visit earlier this year I would try and raise a bit for Liberty Lodge and the FVF. Currently my total for these guys is around £917. It would be amazing if anyone could add to this as those who have visited will know how briliant a facility this Lodge is. The link is below. Thank you for Reading. https://falklandsveterans.charitycheckout.co.uk/StanDarbyshire
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    From the album The Aftermath of Operation Corporate

    © Alan Robert Joseph Batty MBE

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