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    Well about 100 others turned up for ex Royal Marine, Jimmy McConnel's funeral at Milton Cemetary today. A couple of dozen SAMA (82) members were in attendance. It was good to give an old Bootie who had no family a good send off. 4 Standards and about a dozen RBL Riders (who escorted the hearse). Duty done in the freezing cold I made my way home.
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    Just to let everyone know I am retiring as secretary of the Association/Office Manager on 31st October. My replacement will be introduced shortly. If anyone is in the area on 30th October and would like to call in to say good bye there will be refreshments available.
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    A few year's ago I was on the train heading home, it was mid-afternoon so fairly quiet with not too many people on board. There was a group of youngsters (late teens, early twenties) in the seats near me having a sociable time without being too noisy or disruptive. Some had moved into the vestibule and were sitting on the floor even though there were plenty of seats. Kids, huh? Some scruff moved into the seat opposite me. He was looking around furtively. I didn't pay him much attention. He got up and moved further down the carriage, past the group of kids. One of the young women had left her purse on the table, prominently on view, and as the scruff passed he grabbed hold of it and bolted for the vestibule, pushing past the kids standing and clambering over those on the floor. They hadn't seen him snatch the purse. I sat for a moment in stunned disbelief. Then I yelled out, "He's grabbed your purse!" and all the kids looked at me like I was bonkers. I shouted again, pointing to where the purse used to be. The penny finally dropped just as the scruff had cleared the group in the vestibule. Some of them ran after the scruff and a few minutes later brought him back to examine the purse and see if he'd had a chance to steal anything from it. He hadn't. They sat around discussing what to do with him. Find the conductor? Take him to the police when they got to their destination? They didn't really know. Just then, some other guy came up and said he'd seen the whole thing. He offered to escort the scruff to the transport police at the next stop where he was getting off anyway. He made a plausible case for why that would be too much hassle for the kids and eventually they agreed to let him lead the scruff away. We pulled in to Banbury, the next stop, and I gazed idly out the window. I recognised the helpful interloper walking past in friendly discussions with a clean-shaven, neatly dressed guy. It took me but a second to realise the neat guy was the scruff who had shaven, combed his hair and changed his clothes, and the other guy was his partner in crime, there to intervene should his buddy get caught in the act, as he had been. Why am I reminded of that story? Because right now in London, Argentina's foreign minister, Hector Timerman, is at a two day conference of "neutral" academics, politicians and other interested parties discussing the "Malvinas". They my friends, are playing the "nice guy" to the thief. You can read about it in Mercopress: http://griff.in/e
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    On a train with Sue, hurtling towards Hull, learning the joys of tablet typing in a fast-moving metal box. Now I've nothing against Hull and I'm sure that, after this weekend, I'll have enjoyed it hugely. But I have to say that, without a particular reason, it's not one of those places I'd have thought to visit. The fact is, that had a certain so-called naval outfitter sorted me out with a uniform that could at least be altered to fit where it touched, we wouldn't have been making this journey today. I am the first to admit that, in my rotundity, I am possibly not the easiest shape to fit out, but you'd think that an established business with many decades of experience would be able to accommodate my ample frame. Pudgy or not, I am still of a basic human form. But no. So after a year of looking less appealing in my number ones than your average sack of spuds, I have decided that enough is enough. And Sue, god bless her, is pretty much fed up with my complaining about it. So after much searching and gasping at fantastic prices, we have found a naval tailor in Hull who is actually going to open his shop on closed day to see if he can help. I like him already. And he appears not to want to rip me off. Even better. After that we are going to look around for a couple of days and see what the town has to offer. I'm looking forward to that but a bit of decent service from the "main supplier" would have saved us a longish trip and and unnecessary expense. And believe me, if Our Friend In Hull is even half as good as I am hoping, the other lot may find that their captive audience has been able to break it's bonds.
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    Dear All, I would like to take this moment to thank all who came this year to the Falklands Liberation Day Wreath Laying Ceremony here in Chorley Lancashire. Despite the weather looking as though it was going to blow the proceedings away, in the end the sun shone on the righteous. Ours is a small ceremony with a loyal following, for which I am extremely grateful too, for their help and support in keeping this ceremony going. I can only hope that more Veterans, Comrades and Friends choose to support this opportunity to commemorate those who fell and not just during the war, but those who continue to suffer still. This Ceremony will continue to be held on the 14th June each year at 11.00. I look forward to seeing you in the future. Iddy
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    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year for 2018. I am off on a Cruise around the Solent with Christmas Lunch today from Scumhampton with my wife as guests of The Not Forgotten Association and tomorrow we are off for Christmas on a 7 day River cruise around the canals of Holland and Belgium.
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    Dear All On Sunday I Completed the Prudential London Surrey 100 for the 5th time. Its a closed road cycle event of 100 Miles. I completed it a bit slower this year as I'm obviously getting Older ! 6hrs 15 mins(moving Time). This year I was raising funds initially for Blind Veterans ,however after reaching their initial target of £500 ( £720 in total to be precise),I decided that following my visit earlier this year I would try and raise a bit for Liberty Lodge and the FVF. Currently my total for these guys is around £917. It would be amazing if anyone could add to this as those who have visited will know how briliant a facility this Lodge is. The link is below. Thank you for Reading. https://falklandsveterans.charitycheckout.co.uk/StanDarbyshire
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    From the album Endurance 82

    © Nigel Allen

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    May I explane how Lisa Bush Purchon and I Started, well I got intouch with Lisa via the internet. She was on a website called POF, It was me who made first contact with her, I said to her ( Hello my name is Owen, I know we are 4000 miles apart,but understand if you do not write back, I am looking for work on PEI and to miggrate over there regards Owen ) Lisa wrote back and it progressed from there, and here we are today totaly loved up and inlove with each other, and we are both very happy together We have gone from 4000 miles apart to 200. So next year I hope to make that 200 to zero miles apart so we can finaly be under the same roof enjoying our life together finaly, So now I will go into the story that ended up in LOVE..... We started to write to each other via the website POF to start off with,so we could get to know more about each other, this was Lisa's Idea wich i could understand, as we was two total strangers in different countrys and there for we had to build on trusting each othere via the website. I was going remarkabley well for the both, in the end i ... asked if she was on MSN which both of us was on so we invited each other onto it and carryed on massaging by it. Then one day I asked Lisa if she wanted to chat instead of typing, to which she replyed ( yes ). We both was bit nervous about it as in what to say, but all was well as it started off good and by the time we finished we got on like a house on fire. During the course of a good few weeks we started to get to know each other lot better plus the feelings was growing for each other. We still have not meet as all communicating was done by the net, over the course of the months going by I was having strong feelings towards Lisa and when we use to chat about our feeling there was a good few time's I wanted to tell here that I was falling hook line and sinker, but knew if I told her I might have scared her away, even though I Did give loads of hints But did not want to cross the line in saying ( I Love You ). Little did I know Lisa was feeling the same towards me also. At the time both of us was feeling very happy with each other and was looking forward to the next day so we could carry on chatting, well it was every day and night to be honest, its what I was looking forward to in the day. We was having so much fun chatting, it was like we known each other a very long time. We was very comfortable with each other, but the only problem was, we was still 4000 miles apart and still no job insight that i could find in Canada, some time i thought to my self that i might not find a job over here , but Lisa on the other hand kept saying it will happ... en, so if she believed it was going to happen then i had to keep looking, which I did none stop. One day Lisa got some news from her Family, not good news, and she had to go to Ontario. Now this was the big test for us as only means of contact was by txting now plus it was hard, reason been Lisa used to run out of credit ( Canadians Minutes ). This was very hard for me as i was txting good few times a day and not getting reply's, then one day we did manage to chat on Msn for a bit then the happy feeling was returning to me, Ok call me sentimental but that week was very dam hard and knew that that Lisa is the one for me and I so much wanted to tell her how I was feeling towards her and I even wanted to say those 3 little words. Well the week in Ontario had come to an end and I was so looking forward to getting on Msn with her, the day she got home, I was returning from a trip up Scotland and I was parked up in the middle of nowhere on the border of Scotland and England, and as normal I hooked onto the internet and Lisa was online straight away i sent her a massage and thus we started chatting, for us to be apart that week made a huge impact on what was to happen next. We both started to spill our HEARTS out to each other, I so wanted to still tell her that I was falling in love with her, but still held back but come very close a good few times. Lisa replied to took a very long time in typing, like a good 5 min then the typing stopped for about 30 seconds and she was back typing, I thought this is going to be a mega reply then she finally sent if and thus I began to read and of course reply, it was beautiful in what she wrote till I came to the end of her massage and she took my breath away, my heart was beating with excitement and I felt like a little Kid, she finished her massage in capital letters ( LUV U ) XXX My reaction to when Lisa sent LUV U, took me by surprise I did know what to say to start with excepted to have a tear in my eye as I felt so happy she said it. It felt like ages for me to reply to her ,but it was ... about 30 seconds as I read the MSN massage about 3 times with that I had the biggest grin like a Cheshire cat has, I then replied and I truly spilled my heart out and told Lisa how I relay felt towards her, and in how much I had fell in love with her. We where both like school kids by now. We would never stop talking of our feeling to each other and what would we do when we finally meet for the first time, but there one the one problem we had, that was 4000 miles apart I was looking much harder now to get a job in Canada near Lisa, as every time I rang a company I was turned down but then one day I hit jackpot a company was interested in me they where on P.E.I ( Prince Edward Island ) where Lisa lived. I sent all the paper work over and all was looking good, we both was very happy and excited it was finally happening to us, I could be out there in the summer I told her, I kept in consent touch with the company till the day that they the company made there decision, we both had our fingers crossed and toes for Lisa as that what she always said, then I received an e/mail I did not open it till I was chatting with Lisa then the bomb shell hit us they turned me down at the last minute. It felt like the wold was against us, now I did not know what to do. I told my friend Kevin Lunn that I was tuned down, he told me it will happen we will be together and not to give up, then one day I was looking through a truckers newspaper and seen 3 jobs in Canada so I called then only to be turned down again, but one of them did help me and told me of a company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I called them and luck prevailed on me they was interested. I immediately told Lisa a soon as she signed into MSN but was building my hopes up on it, now was paper work was filled in and sent over I gave it a few days then I phoned them to see what happens next. Its was going good but it took a while about 2 months from applying, then I phoned one day to hear good news that they was going to e/mail me my LMO ( Labour market opinion ) this was to get my work visa. I immediately told Lisa I got the job but it was in Halifax she was ok with that so now it was the planning of my flight next and money to change, the both of us was very excited once again plus Kevin and Corryn Was too, few days later I received the e/mail and a week later 5th December I flew out to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Corryn and there children took me to the railway station It was a sad moment for all of us as I grown very fond of the 3 boys and was very close friends with Kevin & Corryn, they will always have a special place in my heart and there true and loyal friends, thank you to the hole family in making me welcome into there home for nearly a year. Finally I am now in Halifax and only 200 miles away from Lisa after 4000 mile's apart we are now closer to each other, we still kept in touch this time by phone and MSN, then Christmas came upon us and we thought we could have met and had it together but still was apart, but then I informed her that I had booked the bus to Charlottetown for the 28th December 2011 and with the snow falling heavy I was worried the bus might not run but we prayed and hoped then the day came, I got up early to get to the bus stop at 7am and was on my way, by this time Lisa very excited just like I was. the journey took 4 hrs to get to Charlottetown and when it arrived I was mega nervous, Lisa was not there as she was on nights and I told her to have some sleep and would meet at noon, while waiting I txt Corryn and asked here what do I do Now. Her reply was that if it was her shed would except a cuddle and maybe a kiss on the cheek, so thought I go with both, noon time arrived and I was watching Out for Lisa as she texted me before she left home, so now I was watching out for her in the car park. I went outside to see if she turned up but she sneaked in with out me seeing her but I saw her walking towards me and we finally met with a cuddle and kiss on cheek, I also gave her a bunch of flowers, It took nearly a year for us to meet but it was worth the wait because with the chatting and texting we got to know each other and it was like we was never apart. We met at Tim Hortons and the LOVE for each other has grown stronger as each days goes by, THIS IS MY STORY OF OUT TRUE ROMANCE This is where we met for the 1st time It is a year to the date this is posted Link to my Blog http://truckingcowboyo.blogspot.com/
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    Nice one Matey I hope you will be very happy. Kenny
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    Well here we go. Another opportunity for me to run off at the keyboard about nothing in particular. My opinions, and if you don't like them well, nobody forced you to read this. Enjoy if you can.
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    Hm, I clicked on the big blue "like" button with the tick, then the Facebook logo appeared at the bottom of the post, so I clicked on that and a window opened asking me to add a comment and then post it to FB. Presumably you need to be logged in to FB as well? (In which case it could tell you that...)