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  4. This has saved me hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Thank Boris.
  5. Merchant Navy Day - Dover Service

    MERCHANT NAVY DAY IN DOVER – Monday, 3 September 2018   SAMA 82 has received an invite for members of the association to attend the annual Merchant Navy Day service at 10.30am on Monday, 3 September, at Dover Town Hall, Biggin Street, Dover, to remember those who lost their lives at sea in times of war and peace and also to celebrate the service of sailors who leave from our local ports. Set apart from the Service at Dover Town Hall, there will be an official wreath-laying ceremony at 12 noon at the Dover Merchant Navy War Memorial, Marine Parade, Dover Seafront.  A coach will be provided for wreath-layers and standard bearers to travel from the Town Hall to Dover Seafront.  As this is an outdoor event please have suitable clothing in case of inclement weather and also please be aware that those attending will be standing on grass and require suitable footwear. For your information please note that photographs taken during this event may be used on the Council’s website and in the Council’s publications for promotional purposes, and may also appear in the media.   If you wish to attend the Service, please contact the SAMA office for an application form - email secretary@sama82.org.uk We will also provide you with an itinerary for the Service and Street Map. Closing date for applications Tuesday 7th August 2018.  
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  9. Veterans Concessionary Travel Scheme (Oyster Card)

    Here you are. The original post about Veterans Oyster Card for free travel in London for veterans who are in receipt of regular (monthly) payments from a War Pension or Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. First available since November 2008
  10. Oyster Card for entitled disabled veterans

    I have used mine for the last 11 years many times (though my bus pass works on the busses ) You can go straight to the TFL website relevant page to apply here:- https://tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/adult-discounts-and-concessions/veterans-oyster-photocard It was first introduced by the Mayor of London (Boris Johnson) to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands conflict.
  11. Done - and I elected the £3 to go to SSAFA as at the end of the Survey they give you 4 coices of charity
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  13. Survey for veterans - How do you want to communicate with veterans services? We have been contacted by Leeds Research Studio who are conducting a survey on behalf of Veterans Services about how veterans want to be communicated to about services relevant to them. The survey will help them to better understand how veterans want to communicate with services. The results will be used as part of a large project that is being undertaken throughout the UK. They need 400 surveys to be completed and for every completed survey they will donate £3.00 to either The Royal British Legion/SSAFA/Combat Stress/Help4Heroes (choice is yours at the end of the survey). You can take the survey here: https://tinyurl.com/veteranresearch There is an option on the questionnaire to leave details if you want to be contacted to take part in further research. The company- Leeds Research Studio is GDPR compliant and you only have to leave your details if you wish to take part in future research for this subject. The survey still counts, even if you do not want to leave any contact details. If you have any questions, please contact Sheryle Moran, Leeds Research Studio t: 0113 2179146
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  15. Oyster Card for entitled disabled veterans

    A great scheme, I used mine just recently on a visit to London, if your eligible apply, it's one of the few things that free.
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  18. Eligible veterans can use London’s travel system for free by using a Veterans Oyster photocard. The photocard can be used on bus, Tube, tram, London Overground, TFL Rail, and most National Rail services in London. To be eligible for a Veterans Oyster photocard you have to be in receipt of payments under the War Pensions Scheme, or Guaranteed Income payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. Veterans who have received a one-off gratuity payment are not eligible to apply. Find out more: https://support.veteransgateway.org.uk/app/answers/detail/a_id/465/c/100/News/Free-travel-for-veterans-in-London/session/L3RpbWUvMTUzMDAxNjE1NS9nZW4vMTUzMDAxNjE1NS9zaWQvZlVMTDVRcUt3Nl8xZXp2SEJRcUhJenRyQmJJYzdRaUViM04xbVpKJTdFaVBnamNZc05ZbVVDZnZMM1RVWkhmSHg0d1lscXAyYURnaEJNZTE1VVB2b2F5TnRrN1NaN19fVml5cXB1S3I2MWxTUXpZTXRBZVdDTmFOcEElMjElMjE%3D
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  23. Dydd Sadwrn 30 Mehefin Saturday 30 June   Rhaglen   Programme   Ar y Promenâd   On the Promenade 11:00 Gorymdaith yn Dechrau 11:00 Parade Starts 16:30 Beach Raid 16:30 Beach Raid   Arddangosiadau Awyr   Air Displays 12:00 Red Arrows 12:00 Red Arrows 12:25 Hediad Coffa Brwydr Prydain 12:25 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 12:47 Typhoon 12:47 Typhoon   Yn yr Arena   In the Arena 13:00 Cŵn Gwaith Milwrol yr RAF 13:00 RAF Military Working Dogs 13:25 Arddangosfa Brwydr Di-arf RM 13:25 RM Unarmed Combat Display 13:45 Band Cadetiaid y Môr 13:45 Band of the Sea Cadets 14:00 RLC Silver Stars 14:00 RLC Silver Stars 14:15 RN Raiders 14:15 RN Raiders 14:35 Band Cadetiaid y Fyddin 14:35 Band of the Army Cadets 14:50 Dawns Gurkha Khukuri 14:50 Gurkha Khukuri Dance 15:05 Band y Cadetiaid Awyr 15:05 Band of the Air Cadets 15:25 Arddangosfa 4 Milwyr Para 15:25 4 Para Infantry Demo 15:40 Tîm Rali’r Lluoedd Arfog 15:40 Armed Forces Rally Team 15:55 Arddangosfa Brwydr Di-arf RM 15:55 RM Unarmed Combat Display 16:15 RAF Falcons 16:15 RAF Falcons 16:40 Cyngerdd Cerddorol 16:40 Music Concert Gall yr Amseroedd a’r Gweithgareddau hyn newid Activities and Timings may be subject to change Cyrraedd Yno Getting There Mae’r diwrnod bron yma! Gobeithio eich bod yn edrych ymlaen at Ddiwrnod y Lluoedd Arfog, ond rydym am roi rhybudd i chi! Bydd y digwyddiad yn brysur – peidiwch â thanamcangyfrif y nifer o bobl a cheir ar y diwrnod. Rydym yn disgwyl i oddeutu 100,000 o bobl deithio i’r digwyddiad. Ond peidiwch â phoeni! Rydym yn cynnig gwasanaeth parcio a theithio a gwasanaeth parcio a cherdded. Bydd mwy o drafnidiaeth gyhoeddus hefyd, diolch i’n partner teithio Arriva.  The day is nearly upon us! We hope you’re excited for Armed Forces Day, but we wanted to give you a heads up! The event will be busy - don’t underestimate the number of people and cars on the day. We expect around 100,000 people to travel to the event. But don’t worry! We’re offering both park and ride and park and walk services. Public transport will also be increased, thanks to our travel partner Arriva.     Trafnidiaeth Gyhoeddus Public Transport Mae bysus Arriva wedi bod yn rhan o grŵp rheoli traffig ac yn ogystal â bod yn bartner teithio parcio a theithio swyddogol i ni, maent wedi bod yn cynllunio ar gyfer mwy o deithwyr ar eu gwasanaeth arferol yn ardaloedd Llandudno a Chyffordd Llandudno. Arriva buses have been part of a traffic management group and as well as being our official park and ride travel partner they have been planning for a higher volume of commuters on their usual service in the Llandudno and Llandudno Junction area.     Mae Trenau Arriva Cymru hefyd yn rhan o’r peth ac maent wedi trefnu cerbydau ychwanegol er mwyn bod yn hwb i wasanaethau i mewn ac allan o Landudno a Chyffordd Llandudno.  Arriva Trains Wales are also in on the action and have arranged for additional carriages to boost services in and out of Llandudno and Llandudno Junction.      Parcio a Theithio / Cerdded Park and Ride / Walk Bydd ein Partner Teithio, Bysus Arriva yn darparu'r gwasanaeth bws parcio a theithio o safleoedd bws parhaol a dros dro. Our Travel Partner, Arriva Buses will provide the park and ride bus service from existing bus stops and temporary sites.     Bydd y bysus gwennol yn rhedeg rhwng 7am a 9.30pm ar system gylch i mewn ac allan o Landudno. Mae parcio am ddim, ond bydd bysus yn codi £1 y person bob ffordd (plant o dan 5 am ddim). Bydd stiwardiaid ym mhob maes parcio, ond byddwch yn parcio ar eich risg eich hun. The shuttle buses will run from 7am until 9.30pm on a loop system in and out of Llandudno. Parking is free, but buses will charge £1 per person each way (under 5s free). All car parks will be stewarded, but parking is at your own risk.     Anogir ymwelwyr i ddilyn arwyddion i'w maes parcio agosaf gan y bydd yr arwyddion traffig yn cael eu diweddaru fel mae meysydd parcio yn llenwi. Bydd meysydd parcio hygyrch hefyd wedi eu harwyddo’n eglur. Bysus parcio a theithio fydd y ffordd gyflymaf i’r dref os ydych yn teithio mewn car ar y diwrnod. Visitors are encouraged to follow directional signage to their nearest car park as the traffic signage will be updated as car parks fill. Accessible car parks will be clearly signed. Park and ride buses will be the fastest way into town if you’re travelling by car on the day.     Cau Ffyrdd:  bit.ly/DyLlAFfordd Road Closures: bit.ly/AFDRoad     Rhagor o wybodaeth: bit.ly/DyLlALlan More Info: bit.ly/AFDLlan
  24. MN Norland Exhibition - Hull

    Venue:- HULL MARITIME MUSEUM - M.V.Norland exhibition 'All in the same boat' Dates - Opens 7th July and runs for 5 months approx. Free Entry - All Welcome The exhibition has been funded by the lottery commission and Hull City Council and will be on display for 5 months. It's the story of M.V.Norland and her officers and crew during the time she served alongside the armed forces during the Falkland conflict. MV Norland was the troop ship that took the 2nd battalion of the parachute regiment in to San Carlos and later a became prisoner of war ship.
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  28. Dear All, I would like to take this moment to thank all who came this year to the Falklands Liberation Day Wreath Laying Ceremony here in Chorley Lancashire. Despite the weather looking as though it was going to blow the proceedings away, in the end the sun shone on the righteous. Ours is a small ceremony with a loyal following, for which I am extremely grateful too, for their help and support in keeping this ceremony going. I can only hope that more Veterans, Comrades and Friends choose to support this opportunity to commemorate those who fell and not just during the war, but those who continue to suffer still. This Ceremony will continue to be held on the 14th June each year at 11.00. I look forward to seeing you in the future. Iddy
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