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  2. Captain Rick Jolly OBE

    Here you go Jake Best wishes
  3. Captain Rick Jolly OBE

    I'm probably missing it somewhere but I can't make head or tail of these forums. I came on looking for detail and maybe some nice words about our recently deceased former President Surgeon Captain Rick Jolly. Anyway, for my two penneth having been a medic myself down there, he was awesome. Totally eccentric but they put people together in the most appalling conditions and whilst clearly there were surgeons who spent more time operating, it wouldn't have worked as well without someone like Rick in the background sorting stuff with his standard contempt for inefficiency. He was an inspirational bloke as much after it was all over and with Denzil of course, started SAMA82. So there must be mention somewhere, I just haven't found it. RIP Rick and commiserations to the family.
  4. Jake

    welcome to the site !!!
  5. Jake

    Welcome Jake, Please visit the site often and post if you wish. regards SAMA 82 Office
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  7. Pegasus82

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  8. Pegasus82

    Welcome, Pegasus82 Please visit the site often and post if you wish. regards SAMA 82 Office
  9. robster

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  10. These Forums

    You may have noticed that the Forums were down for a few days. We appologise but this was due to a glitch beyond the SAMA Office's control. Thanks to the efforts of Mark Griffin, it was up and running again from 2100 this evening.
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  12. Death of CAA Pat Garret

    Sad news that Pat Garret, chief tiff of 846NAS during the Falklands conflict has crossed the bar after a long illness. Everyone who new him will have great and fond memories of a great character - a true one-off. Details of his funeral are as follows: Wednesday 17th January at 14:30 Margam Crematorium Longlands Lane, Port Talbort SA13 2NR
  13. hope yous all have a good day
  14. Falklands Anniversary Service - Hull Minster Sunday 29th April 2018 A Service will be held at Hull Minster, Hull on Sunday 29th April 2018 to commemorate the 36th Anniversary of the Falklands. Guests are kindly asked to arrive at Hull Minster by 1.30pm. The Service will start 2.00pm followed by a Parade through the town centre, which will include a Wreath laying ceremony. The Drum Head service will take place inside Hull Minster. The Service will be followed by a buffet and bar. All Welcome to attend.
  15. jock87

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  16. hope yous all have a good day
  17. Baz Bastable

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  18. Baz Bastable

    Welcome Baz Bastable, Please visit the site often and post if you wish. regards SAMA 82 Office
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  21. hope yous have a good day
  22. Sama Newsletter Articles

    If any off you attended an event since September can you please write an article for the Next issue of the newsletter please and photos if possible. Also area reps if you can get your reports in asap please. Dave Kidd Newsletter Editor. david.kidd1@ntlworld.com
  23. Corky341

    hope you have a good day
  24. Merry Chrimbo and a Happy New Year 2018

    Hei Joe, Have a great cruise, and Christmas. The same to all out there. We have snow here in Central Norway, (of course), and as you can see, my 40 kgs Samoyed loves it! So here is wishing you all the very best for 2018. God Jul og Godt Nytt År. Cheers, Don.
  25. neilbuttolph

    hope you have a good day
  26. Merry Chrimbo and a Happy New Year 2018

    hope you have a good christmas and new year joe and paddy, and enjoy yourselfs !!!
  27. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year for 2018. I am off on a Cruise around the Solent with Christmas Lunch today from Scumhampton with my wife as guests of The Not Forgotten Association and tomorrow we are off for Christmas on a 7 day River cruise around the canals of Holland and Belgium.
  28. Sharkey Ward

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