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  6. For members living in Blackpool and surrounding areas - Blackpool FC Community Trust is delighted to announce it will be delivering a brand new weekly programme called Football Fans in Training starting on Thursday 20th September. Football Fans in Training (FFIT), which is being delivered in partnership with the Scottish Professional Football League Trust, is a 13-week programme designed to improve health and increase physical activity for males and is delivered at Bloomfield Road. The 13 week programme includes an initial health check on the first session, with 13 weekly sessions being split between classroom health and education and physical activity sessions. The session starts at 18.00pm until 19.30pm and the group will be meeting at the main entrance, 15 minutes before the session. Blackpool FC Community Trust, Health Officer, Nathan Davies has encouraged anyone who is wanting to lose weight or generally improve their health and wellbeing to get in touch. Nathan said, “The main aims of FFIT is to increase knowledge of diet and nutrition and improve lifestyle choices. Other aims include increasing physical activity amongst participants and reduce weight and waist measurements.” Male participants, aged 35-66, are eligible to take part in this programme if they have a BMI of 28+ or a waist size of 38+ inches. For further information or to register an interest about the Football Fans in Training (FFIT) programme please contact Nathan Davies: E: Nathan.davies@bfcct.co.uk T: 01253 348691 Booking is essential
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    cheers Don I appreciate the response and your note about the gum is very worrying so I will pass it on immediately. I'm inclined to agree with your last paragraph though. ATB Knotty
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    Yes, the horns of a dilemma.... I was a professional smoker (30-40 a day) for 35 years, and gave up in 1996. To be honest, I found it easy, as I had reached a point where I WANTED to stop, and that I think is the secret. On the subject of gum, a good friend of mine gave up about the same time, and took to nicotine gum. However, it replaced the fags, not as a help to quit. He chewed the stuff for about 8 years, until he developed a very aggressive stomach cancer which migrated into his lymphatic system. He has beaten it for the time being, after having much of his small intestine removed, and chemo for a long time, but the caveat is that he has been told it WILL return at some point, which is comforting..... I am not surprised, as nicotine is an extremely toxic poison, so it has to have had an effect. My wife smokes, and I don't nip her neck about it - what's the point? It will only cause bad feeling as described above, and will solve nothing in the end. In my opinion, whilst I cannot condone smoking, perhaps he would be better off resuming the habit until he reached to point where he wants to stop. Or why not take up a pipe? It is not so dangerous as ciggies since you don't inhale, (all things being equal), and although there is a danger of throat cancer, it might be that safer option? Also, I believe that pipe smoke is not quite so offensive as cigarette smoke, or at least, that's what I have been told...... Good luck to your mate...............
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